Ignorance is Embarrassing

The cat is out of the bag.  I am clueless when it comes to “being green.”  What is this “Going Green” thing anyway?  Is it just another trend? Does it all really matter?   It is a lifestyle and I am bound to understand it.

I love living in Boulder.  The city and the people have a unique confidence and expression of life.  On Saturday, we went to the season’s first Boulder Farmer’s Market.   This visit summed up my general feelings- I have so much to learn.

While waiting in line with Corbin, I inwardly laughed at a group of college girls all dressed up and giggling about life.  These women are my peers, but our lives are polar opposite.  I struck up a conversation with two college students behind me, and the conversation led to where my husband was stationed in the Navy and this was my expression after I gave my answer….

I couldn’t believe myself.  Why couldn’t I just say you know I can’t remember all the details… anyways, I made a fool out of myself and it was obvious to both of them I had no idea what I was talking about!!!  But life is about learning and growing from these times.  Right?

And then in eager anticipation, we finally made it to something I am passionate about,  Plants!!  Just one problem, there were no labels on the plants.   I am amazed how people memorize all the different species- to my eyes they all look the same.  I gathered myself, laid down any sense of pride for the day, and asked this kind lady.  She was very informative and the passion for her farm is so moving to me.   Listening closely she informed me of how to plant them at home and ways to keep them alive and thriving.

Life lessons learned

  1. Don’t be eager to single others out for not having world perspective or experience.
  2. Do not fear learning from others.
  3. Listen to people, and stop talking- this is where the learning begins



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