Diaper balls??

One thing has confused me as a parent- and God help me if I am the only one to have experienced it…but what is with the clear gel like balls from diapers? I have seen them a few times when 1. the diaper was very wet for too long of a time (not very nice for the babe in my opinion) and 2. when the babe takes a little swim in the water (or sits in a puddle). Now I could go on with my life and forget about it, but it irritates me and causes questions like: what is this gel- is it a chemical? is it being absorbed into my babies body that I just can’t see? It couldn’t possibly be just pee rubbed against the diaper? Ideas and insights are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Diaper balls??

  1. I always wondered about those little balls too! Don’t mean to be gross, but the first time i noticed them is when the dogs chewed up a used one…eeeeewwwwweeee.


    • nasty dad! I felt so bad for you when you cleaned that up! I wonder if they “balls” are meant to help break down the diaper? I love you, and in the meantime keep those dogs away 🙂

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