Toxins In Disposable Diapers: Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate

It is estimated that 11,193,820,000 diapers are thrown into landfills each year


This article warns parents about the hidden dangers found in diapers. Dioxin, dying agents and more can effect your child’s health.

via Toxins In Disposable Diapers: Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate

This article was surprising to me, and made a lot of sense too.   “Dioxin exposure as a child will impede the immune system of the individual forever.”  The article follows with stating that the chemicals can cause hormonal imbalances, which is a major question I have.  Why are little girls beginning puberty so early?  I know from personal experience the trauma that I felt when I started my period at 8 years old.  My mother warned me of its coming, but in no way was I prepared for it.  I remember getting acne in 2nd grade and a classmate was very concerned or something about my acne.  He said out loud in class, “Teacher, Adrienne has chicken pox!”  I was sick of the teasing, judgement from other parents, and confusion that was happening to my own body.  In 3rd grade questions arose if I stuffed my bra- so I decided to settle their questions and flash them.  I have always thought that it was in my DNA but I don’t know if that’s the only factor.

Diapers are filled with chemicals, dyes, and Lord knows what else but that is not the only factor.  I often think of the millions of dirty diapers thrown away every day just sitting in the landfill, they certainly are not biodegradable!  I found this article….

18 billion disposable diapers thrown away every year!!!!  This is an insane number.  I imagine all the diapers piled together- how big of an area would it take up?  Would it be the size of Texas?  In no way am I trying to make a joke out of this.  This is very serious to me, and having three children (only one now in diapers) I think about all of the diapers we have used and how those are affecting the world.  I didn’t use cloth diapers before because

  1. I believed at the time it was not cost effective
  2. I was lazy
  3. I was ignorant

I am very curious to see studies about which is more cost effective: cloth diaper or disposable?  My most hated store shopping is diaper and wipe shopping, it is extremely expensive and a complete waste.  Thank goodness that my boys were #2 potty trained at 14 months!  “But diapers are essential, its a need…” others will say, but I think about other countries and ways of life that do not use disposable diapers and I think of the woman on the documentary “Babies” who wipes the baby on her leg when he passes a bowel movement….


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