Gravity Glue- balancing rocks on Boulder Creek

My arms were full of satisfaction on Saturday afternoon: a bag of strawberries to plant and my sweet Obie.   After another lovely visit to the Boulder Farmer’s Market, my boys wanted to throw sticks over the bridge.  We came across this man Mike G. kneeling in Boulder Creek and balancing rocks. Instantly I was drawn to his art- it reminded me of my favorite artist Andy Goldsworthy.

I will speak more about Andy Goldsworthy at a different time, this time is dedicated to Mike G.  Here is a picture that a lovely woman named Hilary captured and was kind enough to send to me….

He was so focused; there was no frustration in the process.  Peace and a sense of community filled me, it was as if I was actively involved in the artistic process.  I am learning that hard work and persistence is a part of every day life- and art is not excluded.  He has been suspending gravity in balancing rocks for years, and finds the work is meditative.  This is a quote from his website ( ” One of my favorite effects that i see my gardens have on people is the ability to pull them outside their busy lives for a few moments to appreciate something suspended in gravity.”  This is exactly what happened to me on Saturday, my family was suspended in time enjoying raw nature.  It is so essential to pause our busy lives, minds, and schedules to offer gratitude to the Creator of the Universe and to remember all that He has done for us.  His thoughts on impermanence is also thought provoking.  One thing that I can count on in life is change. Change is constant and unrelenting.  You know that your love of art or beauty is true when you don’t mind the change that will encompass it- or destroy it.

Please take a moment of gratitude for Mike G and his appreciation of beauty.  Thank you Mike, for letting me blog about you!



One thought on “Gravity Glue- balancing rocks on Boulder Creek

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