I have something to confess

Last night around 9 pm Luc left the house.  He came back with a Big Mac for me.  Oh the thought of a juicy Big Mac.  It has been a long time since I have had one.  But then all these thoughts started flooding my mind about how bad it is for my body.  All this new information that I am learning about processed foods, additives, and of course fat and salt intake.

I chose for the 7 minutes it took me to finish it, to succumb to a moment of insanity.  What did it leave me with…..a unhappy tummy and a brain that would not stop thinking.  Thank you McDonald’s, you were a lot better in the past.  I should have just cut my burger in half and gave it back to them- since that is basically what will happen in my body.

Why do I make these voluntary bad choices for my body?  Some of the food items I am simply ignorant of what is in them.  However this way of thinking and acting is going to have to eventually stop.  When will the turning point be for us? I know that this choice will be a cascading effect of further decisions to say no.


One thought on “I have something to confess

  1. I think that the key is remembering how it made you feel cause the taste buds will always want to rule ie., brownie’s, cookie dough, potato chips, chocolate chips, Snicker bars, Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream…you catch the jist? Just saying them makes my mouth water. :O)

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