The secret in the sheets

My sweet boys,

It gives me delight to watch your simple amusement as the sheets fall over you.  Although, it is nearly impossible to fold them when you are around.  Corby and Obie, you both love to let it fall on your face, and you take big breaths as the sheet seems to take your breath away.  Kaleb, my little comedian.  You like to jump on the sheets and make funny noises.  Your simplicity brings me joy.

Today your dad brought some reality into my thinking.  Sometimes it is burdensome to care for each one of you, to make sure you are happy and feel appreciated and listened to.  Your dad gave me a sweet reminder that you are my treasure, and to steer away from this thinking brings stress and a lack of appreciation for you.  You boys are my treasure.  You are not a burden.

I watched you all very closely today.  Taking delight in each word, each smile, and even in the seemingly never ending fights.  Oh God, may I not lose sight of this thinking- to never take you for granted.

Obie, you are too precious for words.  The way you try to keep up with your big brothers.  The way you mimic what they do.  The humor that you express is priceless, the way you put your face in the corner and pretend to be in trouble.  Watching your little body try to keep up with your legs going down the hallway is beautiful.

Kaleb your imagination inspires me.  I love the way your soft skin feels against my hand.  You asked me shortly after I weaned you, if I was still your mommy.  This broke my heart.  I will forever love you, there is nothing that you can do that will change this.  I love the way you kiss, and how much you like to cuddle.  There is no personal space with you, to be needed by you is refreshing.

And my silly Corby.  There is no other sound I want to hear than your laughter.  I realized today that I need to play with you more, to enter your world of imagination and wonder.  You love to talk story- the ideas that you come up with never cease to amaze me.


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