Parking entitlement given to the Eco Minded

Today Moaning Myrtle a.k.a our Pontiac Transport 1996 (and yes it is beautiful, thanks)  Well, she pulled into a parking spot at the bank which was reserved.  I laughed.  “Babe, Myrtle isn’t welcome here.”  I was relieved to see at least one spot for handicapped people.

Now I completely agree with the Going Green agenda, but really?  What about the sign, “Seniors” or “Pregnant women”.  The people who can afford a low emission vehicle are entitled to the front spot? And I do understand that the idea is to stimulate thought and interest in green living, and that it can further help the environment.  Are our priorities wrong?  Those who are green friendly are usually people friendly-looking to help the greater good and thinking of fellow men.

This reminded me of high school.   One of the fundraising traditions was that whoever’s parents shelled out the most money, got the front row parking spots.  Every else had to park in what we called “Egypt.” The horribly long walk from the parking lot to school made my lazy butt get out of bed a whole 30 minutes earlier so I could get a spot.  Life was so hard.

If you are wondering if Myrtle parked somewhere else, she didn’t.  I am truly sorry.



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