I like pickles and peanut butter

I watched  “Fuffy” the Cat (a random cat that our landlord feeds) chase after a bird.  Now to give you a brief history lesson of my love for birds….well actually I can’t make it brief.  So on with the story.

The poor thing was frantically running for its life.  With a wounded wing it managed to get out of harms way.  Other birds flew in to watch the show.  Fuffy waited patiently.  The bird decided to run for it.  “NO! You can’t make it!!!!  Time paused for a moment and then I found myself chasing after Fuffy in my pajamas and slippers.  Fuffy trapped it behind the shed, I wonder if the bird thought anything about me as it hopped away….

I couldn’t be more embarrassed to see my husband waiting at the door.  He saw the whole thing.  I walked in and explained my reasoning.  I could not watch this hand fed fat cat kill this innocent bird.  My husband smiled and said, “You’re weird.”

Every day I realize how true this is.  After all I did like pickles and peanut butter as a child, I probably still do.   I wrestle with this realization.  I have always been weird, but it’s about time that I am confident in my weirdness.  Yes, I pick up litter and notice plastic bags stuck in trees.  Yes, I am beyond infatuated with food and gardening. And yes I will defend a bird any day.   This is who I am.


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