Have it your way

I did not want to go outside today.  Honestly, I didn’t want to do anything.  My husband and I decided this morning, that there would be no video games or movies today.  The idea was lovely, but I am afraid he was more hopeful than I was.  He then challenged me with, “You should take the kids outside”  How dare him ask me such a question?!?!?… after my 1 year old heard this there was no turning back.  Pretty soon all three were following me begging to go outside.  I needed to get over my bad self.

After a few minutes of inward struggle, I asked the Lord to be productive and positive.  What started with a simple idea of raking turned into a three hour beating of the yard and my body.  Oh but it was so satisfying.

I thought about how hard it is working on land.  I imagined the way life used to be when people lived off their property.  I wondered how mothers kept their children occupied so that work could be done.  After all, life did exist without electronic babysitters and “stimulating” toys.  Everyone worked together, they were a family.

The respect and appreciation for hard work is an important part of one’s character.  Note: This is coming from someone who has never used a lawn mower. and yes I am fixing this problem.   I wondered when was the last time this house was a Home.  As I scraped and dug into the earth I found bottle caps, cigarette buts, all sorts of plastic, receipts, and the best Burger King’s bag “Have it your Way”

This quote is the perfect description of my struggles.  This is the mindset that gets me into trouble.  Have it your way….Don’t go outside with your boys because you want to be lazy. Ignore the household chores because you are tired of doing them.  Be impatient with the kids because I don’t want to take responsibility that I am the adult.  To operate in this “self” thinking, I am creating unrealistic and unhealthy thoughts.  To wake up with a smile and eager hands to work is what I pray for.

Looking out at the yard I still feel a sense of dissatisfaction.  It could be so beautiful.  It could be feeding families. It is not just digging in dirt, the process is teaching me about life.  It is opening my heart to sacrifice and hard work. The Creator of this universe is guiding me as a mother .  To appreciate the process of life.  To live in harmony with what I was given. Words can not alone teach me, I must get my hands dirty and learn by example.


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