the building blocks of life

 “Has anyone ever seen anything like this—
dawn-fresh, moon-lovely, sun-radiant,
ravishing as the night sky with its galaxies of stars?”

One day I went strolling through the orchard,
looking for signs of spring,
Looking for buds about to burst into flower,
anticipating readiness, ripeness.
Before I knew it my heart was raptured,
carried away by lofty thoughts!

Song of Solomon 6:10-12

Strolling through this journey of life, I am surrounded by growth.  Captivated by beauty.  I search within myself, dependent on His leading.  At times I feel like an empty vessel, yearning for rich soil to bring change.  Without the proper foundation, I can not thrive.

 I press in and wait.  I don’t even know what I am doing.  How far do I press?  Until everything tangible and visible is buried.  To believe that something is forming deep below without seeing it.  I want to dig into the soil, to examine the change.  I desire to aid in the process of growth, to somehow control it.

It is out of my hands.  I have done all that I can.  The only thing I can do now is bask in the Son and continue on.  To be confident in the process.

The rain comes…my soul drowns and yet there is hope.  I could burst in the anticipation.

Completely unaware of the first sign of growth, I revisit the time I invested.  In all the anticipation I missed the first sprout.  You can’t see change until it has already happened.

These are the building blocks of life.  To be still and know that everything is in His hands.  To be still and know that He is surely molding me.  The plant doesn’t wonder when it will grow; it takes what it is given and is fully dependent on its Creator.  I have never seen anything so beautiful.  My heart is raptured.  Thoughts carried away in His goodness.  Watching His hand teaches me far more than words could ever express.


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