Making butter

A little spread on some tasty bread.  A chunk over a hot potato.  A stick to make a delicious batch of cookies.  Mmmm…Butter makes everything better.  Just ask Paula Dean.

It is so easy to consume and never think about how things are made.  After all, butter has been around for ages and YES people did make it themselves, and some still do… my friend Jen…these are her steps.  Thank you for letting me share this Jen.

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2 thoughts on “Making butter

  1. Wow. Great post! My human is so ancient his uncle had a farm and they made their own when he was growing up (Wheels were square then – and made from stone) I’m gonna get the old boy to make me a batch from your instructions. Thanks!

    • Oh the joy in simple times, and a bit hard to imagine…especially the square wheels 🙂 let me know how the batch turns out!

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