Slow Fashion: Sustainable fashion and conscious consumption

Jessica Bourland is a Eco-Fashion Stylist and editor in chief/founder of   She is a style hero.

She “uses social media and other tools to promote a message of sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.”  She is also a beautiful mother.  And lives a conscious lifestyle.

Take a minute to look at her passion, business and story:

“Slow Fashion” was imagined by Kate Fletcher in 2007 (Centre for Sustainable Fashion, UK).  It is not a trend, but a movement.  To be okay with not buying a new and trendy clothing item every month or so.  To reevaluate ourselves.  It is not about having to make everything from scratch, but to hold ourselves responsible for shopping choices.  
You can take the Slow Fashioned Pledge.  I know I am.   

It is easy to categorize thrift/secondhand  shoppers:

  1. Different. Unique.  Free Birds.  Individuals.  Artists.
  2. vintage lovers. old souls
  3. Cheap or simply can’t afford “new” things
Or my favorite.  Individuals who are expressing themselves in a unique way at the same time being environmentally friendly.  To be conscious of your consumption.  To be responsible for our choices and impact when these items are no longer appropriate for us to wear.
You must know this very important thing about me, shopping used to be my past time.  As a teenager, the best- in- life thing to do was to go shopping with my friends.  Oh the money I spent on myself and my appearance.  The MAC makeup, the racks of Nordstrom, the way it felt for someone to slip a new shoe my foot.  The satisfaction of seeing what I bought at the end of the day. Priceless.  Sadly it is not without a price.  Unfair labor, people are mistreated, a hungry monster “greed” is fed.
Remembering the homeless man asking for money while my high school friend replied, “Sorry I just spent it all shopping” is too much for me now.  Raising a family changed my shopping habits and material ideas of value, I am thankful.  I thankful that my eyes are opening towards thinking of others and this world we live in.  And in realizing there is more to life than appearance and shopping, to focus on goodness.  To appreciate people more than things.  This is why Slow Fashion is heroic.
Based on a recent report it is estimated people are buying one third more garments than four years ago.  The idea of slow fashion is similar to the Slow Food Movement created by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1986- it combines the love of food with personal awareness and taking responsibility.  The next step was changing the global clothing industry.  A focus off quantity but on quality.
I encourage you to take a moment, breath, and reevaluate yourself and how the choices we make impact others.  To slow down.  To say no to the “fast pace” lifestyle.  

One thought on “Slow Fashion: Sustainable fashion and conscious consumption

  1. Thank you for a real good and most professional blog. I have read a few of your post and real happy to see that you made this link. As I have been working and trying to get more and more people interested in this form for designing products & services and a total sustainable way of life a blog as your is essential to start a movement rather than a trend is have become today that certain companies have approach and that is good but a lot them uses it mostly for the reasons of marketing at that is a bit sad because a lot of them only in corporates this in production, but what about the organization, do they use bus, trams or do they use fossil engery when travel short distances. We do not need to shop, but we must do it in another way, indeed of buying 4 pair of jeans you buy three, i will post our brand values soon as we believe in sharing, exchangeable information so we all can be better not only those who have money. with regards Christine

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