Leaving fear out of the picture: Sewing for beginners

Sewing tools

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I have always envied/admired the crafty type.  Especially those who sew their own clothes and accessories.  I thought, “Sewing is only for naturally creative people, it is in their DNA.”  About a year ago, I saved up for a sewing machine, I was determined to stretch myself….it sat in storage.  I was frankly afraid.  See, I have this bad habit in expecting perfection the first time I try something.  I have come to the conclusion that this is a pattern in my life…as a child it played out in gymnastics (I could do flips but when the time came for back walkovers and I failed, I quit.)  Piano lessons I got tired of, I quit.  Guitar lessons, I quit.  For many years, painting was put on the back burner because of criticism and allowing my own fear of “failing” to get to me.  See, I had some delusional thinking that things will be perfect, I will never mess up, and that I can miraculously do anything without practice and knowledge.

Recently, I have decided this pattern needs to be broken.  You have to start somewhere, and frustration does not bring happiness or results.  Just enjoy the artistic process.  After sewing the wrong way, breaking the needle in my thumb, multiple jams, things flying off the sewing machine, pulling out my hair….I created my first handmade piece.  A headband and detachable clip on flower feather.             

I now understand the joy in handmade items.  There is empowerment and growth in the process.  In the past buying items was satisfying, but now I see why it is rewarding to make your own accessories.  I boast not in my own strength, but in my weakness, and in the possibilities of learning.  To say no to fear and insecurities, and yes to hard work and positive thinking!













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