Dutch man constructing replica of Noah’s Ark

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I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard the Noah’s Ark story.  Years of Sunday school teachings, Kindergarten-12th grade of private Christian school, and now telling my own sons about this man named Noah.  This Bible story was a cute image as a child, I probably have four Noah’s arks toys in my boys’ room.

Let’s break it down as it would look in Noah’s time:

  1. He was a very OLD man- 600 years in fact.  What is a 600 year old man doing building a 450 feet long ark?
  2. Giants were fornicating with women….I can’t even picture this, and frankly the idea is a little disturbing. But the point is men were doing very different things at this time, definitely not building a colossal boat.
  3. He was probably considered crazy: going against all logic- a prophecy of a great flood coming…I can just see the people pointing and making fun of him and his family.  And how about all the animals that were going to miraculously flock to him, in pairs?
  4. Had it ever rained?  Did the people of Noah’s time ever see massive floods?
  5. This ark took a lot of wood and materials, and plenty of time.  It’s not like he could go to the local lumber company and buy what he needed-how many trees did he chop?

Whether you believe Noah’s Ark to be a myth or truth- this is not a story.  A Dutch expert builder, Johan Huibers had a dream 2o years ago that part of Holland was going to be flooded.  The next day he began the research and massive undertaking of this dream (even despite his wife’s apprehension.)

In 2007, Johan finished a half sized ark based on the specified measurements in the Bible.  His ark successfully sailed the canals in the Netherlands. His creation attracted 600,000 worldwide visitors in three years.

After this mock trial he built the real deal, 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, 2,970 tons.  What a meticulously beautiful, time consuming project (three years and a few helpers).  Inside the ark are life sized plastic animals of all sorts, a top deck aviary, and chickens. He plans to be finished with the Biblical replica just in time for the London Olympics next year. He has even asked the city’s mayor Boris Johnson for permission to dock there.

Here is a video of the replica:


What is his motivation?  He decided it was a “signal to spread God’s message”, according to the Telegraph.  “This will speak very much to children, because it will give them something tangible to see that Noah’s Ark really existed,” Huibers says. “They’ll hear the creak of the wood, smell the smell of the dung.” And also to stir belief in the literal truth of the Bible, to bring revival in the Netherlands as interest in Christianity has been declining since 1960’s.

This is what I find inspirational, with Christianity being engraved in my mind from a early age it is easy to see these Biblical “stories” as a myth.  To doubt them, and if I doubt it then really I am actually doubting God.  In my opinion you can’t pick and choose what you want to believe from the Bible.  My logical mind always doubts, but my Spirit screams this is truth!  Many times when someone lies or fabricates a story, there are little parts that just don’t add up.  If the Bible was just some legends created by man what would the point in its historical and literal accuracy?  Why would Genesis map out specific measurements and details for another man to recreate and it be a lie?  This man’s act of faith has strengthened my confidence  in that these cute little Sunday stories are reality, and that God is reality.




2 thoughts on “Dutch man constructing replica of Noah’s Ark

  1. I think it is cool that someone can read the passage of scripture and build according to it’s description. Thank you for this Adrienne.

    • A scripture comes to mind, using the simple minded to confound the wise. However, I can’t imagine Noah had a small mind because he built that ark! I can see how the people would of laughed at him, especially in light of not having any rain yet. I’ll bet it was payback time when the animals started to come!
      imagine what they thought then?

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