I don’t hug trees, I just love life

Which is a true onion?


I looked up the word to see if I even have a right concept of what the word really means.  By definition, true means:

  •  Consistent with fact or reality; not false or erroneous. See Synonyms at real1. See Usage Note at fact.
  •  Truthful.
  •  Real; genuine. See Synonyms at authentic.
  •  Reliable; accurate: a true prophecy.

All the years of buying food at the grocery store, has left me questioning the nature of organic produce.  The unfamiliar nature of this farming world is making my head spin.  It is leading me to ask many questions about how I do life.  How I see life.  In a bandwagon effect, I have followed the herd never once questioning food.   Many of the vegetables that I get from the local farm, I don’t even recognize.  It looks weird.  But tastes amazing.  It doesn’t even fit in the refrigerator compartments.  In all logic, the top picture looks “true” to me. It is what I am familiar seeing.  Not this.

Not going to fit

What I do know, I am fascinated with watching something grow.  I experience growth every day being a mother of three children.  My babies are becoming little boys, their intellectual minds are thriving… Honestly, I stand in awe of the gift of life. It is breath taking.  I take delight in seeing the first sprout on a plant, admiring the complex color patterns of nature, the aromas, the beautiful colors….. the earth is alive.  It is uninhibited by man.  It is not part of the money world.  The food we grow is sacred, a part of us.  I know, this is where you laugh and call me a tree hugger.  I feel this way because I am passionate for my Creator.  I was created in beauty.  He is the ultimate artist. This beautiful world was made by an intelligent mighty God who would make something like this:

Photo my hubby took of a dragonfly in our backyard

I want to experience food the way it was intended to taste.  Actually, I want to experience life the way it was intended to be.  To know truth.  To work together with the land instead of abusing it: depleting its soil, suffocating it with pesticides, not acknowledging the importance of these plants on my life.  Without plants I could not breathe.  Without pollinators, the world would lose crops.  Without water, I could not survive.

Coming from a Christian background I was given a “thank God for making this earth and you” perspective.  He made this good world, and the things in it.  However, in general I was warned to not worship the land…I appreciate this world I live in- I stand in awe of the work of His hands.

When my oldest son (4 years) saw the carrots, his face crinkled in confusion and exclaimed: “What happened to those carrots?  They are the wrong color!!”  Actually son, they are the right color.  This quickly changed as each one of my little boys picked out their favorite colored carrot.  Pure joy as a mother to know they are happy and well fed.

I feel like reality has been hidden for many years.  What I know to be true or how I imagine the world to operate is much different than I made it up to be.  Because of my hesitation with change, I instantly want to reject this new way of thinking.  Life, as I formally know it, is upside down.  It’s as simple as carrots and peas.





2 thoughts on “I don’t hug trees, I just love life

  1. I had a similar (and profoundly fulfilling) experience when I started shopping at the farmers market. At first I was both amazed and sometimes turned off by the different looking vegetables. Not only did the flavor win me over and cause me to explore different local and organic veggies, but it opened me up to a world of healthier eating and living.

    I even was compelled to join a local farm as a working share — earning a whole share of organic produce for my labor each week and meeting tons of amazing people with a shared passion for good food, good people, and a good life.

    • Farmers markets are essential for many things, the beauty and life that surround this community is amazing! I am so pleased to hear that the experience changed your perspective and life for the better. I haven’t heard of the working share, I will have to look into that! What a rewarding job, that provides tasty and healthy compensation 🙂 Blessings to you.

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