Silly Putty in your chicken McNugget

What is Mcdonald’s little secret?  Let me give you a few hints. 
Silly putty, sealant, petroleum derivative….
  • Autolyzed yeast extract (which contain free glutamate, similar to MSG)
  • Sodium phosphates
  • Sodium aluminum phosphate
  • “hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ     
  • citric acid added to preserve freshness”
  • “Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent.
These are ingredients in McDonald’s chicken nuggets.   Before I continue, let me just say that I know the opposition stands that if you don’t like what is served, then why go there?  But how many people just simply don’t know?  I know it is fried chicken, and that the calorie intake is high, but do I really understand what these chemicals really are?  I really appreciate McDonald’s food labels, really I do.  But what are all these long confusing words?  I guess my first instinct is to say whatever, I have been eating at this restaurant for years. After all, their mission: “We work together with our employees, franchisees and suppliers to serve a balanced array of quality food products and provide the information needed to make individual choices.”
My 3 boys love McDonald’s.  We go inside and play for free, enjoy Kid Meals, and a toy!  And honestly, its a good deal for mom and dad. And we can walk out of there for under $15.   I know that eating there regularly is not a good idea, and that the food is fattening.  I have read the label.    But lately I have been questioning if these cheap fixes are worth it? And I am not just referring to McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant.  I am addressing the US food industry as a whole.  I am questioning the way I have always known.  
To deny the importance of food on my health, I am not taking responsibility as a mother.  Are we to quit fast food, processed food, genetically altered foods cold turkey?  It is not about that, it is about asking questions, finding answers, experiencing the beauty of local produce and surrounding yourself in the community of whole food living.  It will take some effort and time.  Sometimes, I do crave a Big Mac and I think that is okay too….in moderation.
This is not intended to be a bash on McDonald’s- although with the growing number of restaurants globally (31,000 restaurants serving 64 million customers daily) I do expect their responsibility on their environment to be recognized.  I do not think that McDonald’s is the culprit of America’s health issues like obesity.  Just walk down the local grocery store aisle
Harlem watup

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and you will find all sorts of weird names on the back of labels.  And items that you would not logically put together.  Like chicken and silly putty. Not only are the synthetics horrible for you, what about the oils used, how the meat is made, the pesticides involved….
Why can’t it just be chicken?
I believe synthetic materials should remain out of food.   When the food label looks more like a factory list than a food list, this is when I start to question.  I can’t imagine giving my sweet son a chicken nugget, and then dipping it into all of these preservatives, fillers, and chemicals.  Would you want to eat a petroleum derivative that is used as a stabilizer in perfumes, resins, varnishes and oil field chemicals?   Laboratory studies have linked TBHQ (ingredient in nuggets) to stomach tumors. “At higher doses, it has negative health effects on lab animals, such as producing precursors to stomach tumors and damage to DNA. A number of studies have shown that prolonged exposure to high doses of TBHQ may be carcinogenic, especially for stomach tumors.” ( and Dimethylpolysiloxane, a type of silicone, is used in caulks and sealants, as a filler for breast implants, and as key ingredient in Silly Putty. Says Wikipedia:”PDMS is also used as a component in silicone grease and other silicone based lubricants, as well as in defoaming agents, mold release agents, damping fluids, heat transfer fluids, polishes, cosmetics, hair conditioners and other applications. PDMS has also been used as a filler fluid in breast implants, although this practice has decreased somewhat, due to safety concerns. PDMS is used variously in the cosmetic and consumer product industry as well. For example, PDMS can be used in the treatment of head lice…”
McDonald’s nutrition and well being mission:
“The Power to make right decisions” Mcdonald’s tells its customers.  Well, The UK did.  The synthetic ingredients are not in their chicken nuggets.  Why?  McDonald’s claims the difference is because of  regional taste preferences and the way the product is prepared in each country.  “You would find that if you looked at any of our core food items. You’d see little, regional differences,” says Lisa McComb, who handles global media relations for McDonald’s, which has more than 32,000 restaurants in 117 countries. “We do taste testing of all our food items on an ongoing basis.”
Those against this way of thinking say it’s a good excuse to use the cheapest materials without physically harming your customer. The UK, and most of Europe are more conservative when it comes to food than the US.  What is the US waiting for?

6 thoughts on “Silly Putty in your chicken McNugget

    • 90 percent of the money that Americans spend on food is used to buy processed items. As much I hate McDonald’s, it is not the only culprit. We need to change the day to day choices!

  1. A few fun McNugget facts: Chicken McNuggets are actually 56% corn, when you break down all the ingredients and count corn derivatives. How many ingredients, you ask? 38!!! Including chicken broth to restore the chicken flavor after processing. That’s right, they have to add chicken flavor to their fake chicken to make it taste real. Here’s an interesting page with the info:

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