Lady bugs are a sign of true love?

My fascination with ladybugs began when I saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun:  

The woman’s quest for finding her soul mate, sparked hope that I could find my love and live a beautiful life.  I developed this fairy tale that when I met the man I was supposed to marry lady bugs would surround me.  Well it came true.  Ever since I met my husband lady bugs have surrounded us, we even watched a beautiful display of shooting stars the night we confessed our love for each other.  Hundreds of lady bugs were at our wedding.

Courtesy of Chris Stalnaker Photography

Lady bugs land on me and my boys.  We take turns back and forth letting them crawl on us.   We have even had a few lady bugs as house pets.   Such joy comes from this simple reminder that a beautiful life full of love and family can be possible.

Beautiful lady bug friend

These little creatures are considered a sign of luck and fortune all over the world.  A legend is known that during the Middle Ages a major infestation of bugs devastated Europe.  So the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary. Shortly after, small red beetles appeared  and saved the harvest! The farmers called these insects “The Beetles of Our Lady”, later became known as“Lady Bugs”.

And they are a farmers best friend, notorious for devouring pests (average of one lady bug eating 1,000 aphids in one day) which keeps a garden healthy.     In some cultures, the sight of a ladybug fortells a bountiful harvest, good weather or a good luck omen.

Do you believe in soul mates?  Is there a reoccurring good luck omen in your life?



3 thoughts on “Lady bugs are a sign of true love?

  1. I have lady bugs all around my house. They drop in front of me on my desk while on my computer, on my computer, on my leg, in the chair beside me, crawl on the ceiling wherever I am, one appeared on my dashboard on my car and then flew off and landed on my leg. Now I have never seen this happen before. Could this really mean good luck for me or my true love is about to appear and I will finally be happy? I don’t kill them because I thimnk they are so cute and they don’t bite.

    • Who knows what the future has in store for us?! Maybe lady bugs could be your sign of true love too 🙂 Cheers to loving Lady Bugs, and being surrounded by them in our lives. And I just learned that they are also pollinators.

    • This is happening to me now too:) I have a whole host of ladybugs that live on my ceiling, on my desk, on my window ledges, all over. I have never seen this before. Praytell Sandie, did you meet your true love in the last 10 months? I am curious about this omen for me…

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