Is humanity disconnected with nature?

littering...a former guilty pleasure...

As a teenager, I remember thinking it was “cool” to litter.  I felt like a serious bad girl for throwing my waste out the window, knowing that no cop was ever going to catch me.  The idea of taking a fast shower to conserve water was another rule that I was to follow. “Conserving energy” was just another way of saving money.  That is because I had a disconnection with reality.  I didn’t see earth as my only home.  Yes, I thought the ocean was beautiful.

Essentially I have always had an appreciation for the beauty of this world.  But that was it.  This world was made for human’s personal benefit, to exploit and use in any means necessary.  And I didn’t occur to me, that my daily actions made an influence.

Now, I see this sad reality wherever I go.  And I have regret for the way I viewed my influence on this planet.  Recently my family went on a picnic.  I had to stop myself from letting the condition of the park take away from our day.  Our four year old even frowns in dislike of the lack of concern.  The park grounds and streams are decorated in trash of all kinds: cigarette buts, plastic water bottles, fast food remains….I watched a teenager happily eat her fast food and although the trash can was a horrible distance of 10 steps away, she decided to let her waste take care of itself.  Do you think that it will just magically disappear?  This is where I had to step in.  If only I could pick up after ever person…

When did we lose touch with our existence on this earth?

After all, this isn’t just some temporary home. For now this is our only option. Why not care for it?

There is a deep connection that I have with the world, and to ignore this, is in my opinion, pure ignorance.  And maybe that is what is the problem…..I am not trying to point fingers- I for one understand that life is tough, that family demands, work, and daily life consume our lives and thinking.  It is tough to see beyond our own generation or life circumstances.  And being eco conscious takes effort.

Now, I know not all people are ignorant of their impact, but I question who or what is responsible for this?  Is it just the way in which we are raised?  When did the disrespect of creation and its inhabitants begin?  When did it become okay to live this fast paced, throwaway lifestyle?  I used to think the “Green” kick was a joke.  Those who cared about organic or those environmentally friendly needed to find a hobby.  It was just a waste of time…

In this drive to rule earth and subject nature to our leisure and needs, humanity has knowingly and unknowingly disconnected with nature.  This is translated in many ways. We do not know how our own physical bodies function, rely on others for our food, and do not understand the importance of wildlife and ecological systems.  However, some see this disconnect with nature as mere economic progress….. But what is the cost of the domination of earth and its resources?  Are we regarding our natural resources like water, oil, air quality, soil quality as precious commodities- or are we putting a price on something that should be considered priceless?  The world model stands to make profit, oblivious of its destructive pattern…

When there is a disconnect with food, there is a disconnect with the earth.  As the years passed of heavily relying on grocery stores and other conveniences, I have realized I have been completely out of touch with reality.  I didn’t even know until recently that bees are responsible for pollinating a third of our crops.  It was just another pest to swat.  Or had I connected food with body wellness, I didn’t understand that when I scarf a bag of chips that my brain is being altered by its process and ingredients….Questions didn’t exist.  I followed what I knew, unaware of my existence.

I think it all started in grade school.  I remember being enraged with my private school health teacher who refused to name the outer female reproductive system.  “It wasn’t important or appropriate”….and if we really cared we could go home and ask our parents (I never understood why my own body was taboo…it wasn’t even a co-ed class).  This is what started the journey of not asking questions.  This was useless information.  Just like environmental concerns and news were useless.  I was to be concerned with religion, staying out of trouble, and getting good grades for college.

Everything unfolded when I became pregnant with my first son.  I watched the TLC Baby Story numerous times, listened to other’s labor stories- but down bellow I knew that this was not normal.  And the medical fields idea of labor was not for me.  My husband and I decided we wanted a natural birth.  After all, women had been doing it for centuries.  Some told us we were putting our child’s life at risk by not having a doctor present.  Or that I could not possibly handle the pain, after all it was not in my card’s to have a natural birth.  Everyone else I knew had a c-section, even the city’s rate of C section was 38%, I had no choice…..

I begged to differ- asked questions, educated myself, and believed in my body.   The outcome was the catalyst of change.  The epiphany that doctors were not gods.  That this body of mine was capable of amazing things…three boys later, I am accepting that just as I made this personal decision of taking a hold of my health- I have to make this vital decision in encompassing the beautiful reality that I am connected with nature.  I can doubt this all I want, but the truth exists.

Sometimes, I am afraid of the social consequences.  Or religious politics.  I would be considered a “Green Christian” or liberal when it comes to environment.  Yes, I love God’s creation, and because I love Him, I love what His hands have made.  I want to respect what His hands have made.  I want to know food the way He intended to nourish and sustain me, and my family…. I want to be a garden tender, working in harmony with nature and open to change on how to improve.  To be a good steward in what I have been giving.  Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.


3 thoughts on “Is humanity disconnected with nature?

    • Thank you Marcus! What an encouraging thing to know, that my writing is helping you grow 🙂 I love you brother. You could grow so much food in the backyard…hint hint…

  1. im doing a paper on the cause and consequences of the disconnection between kids a nature. do you have any sorces i could use?

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