While You Were Sleeping

I seriously don’t know what happened to me in science class.  Typically I was more interested in the boy sitting next to me.  Or the movie weekend planned with a friend.  Science was a bore …why was I so disinterested in learning about the basic processes of life?  Louie Schwartzberg is a filmmaker genius who has devoted his passions for unraveling the intricate beauties of life right before our eyes.  This TED talk snap shot of high-speed images from his film “Wings of Life,”  fills me with so much wonder. And surprise.

The first time I connected the dots of pollination was watching Bee Movie with my sons.  At first I wanted to slam the movie thinking it was all those environmentalists with their political agenda…(I now realize I was the one with a problem)

And then I heard a truth that I could not argue with:  1 out of 3 foods we consume are pollinated by animals, mainly bees.  I often wondered why anyone would want  to care about such things.  I guess I thought it was all just for dorks.  Excuse me. Whenever I say dork I instantly think of my grade school teacher who publicly rebuked me for referring to my friend as a dork.  Which followed by the teacher’s incredibly awkward description of where the word originated from. Look up its basic history and you will know why.  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dork  I had no idea what it meant.  I was ignorant. I was just a kid.

Going to the grocery store is as instinctual as brushing my teeth.  My life has been checking off grocery lists and check out lines.  Inherently, I am not saying there is anything wrong with this.  It is a way of life.  It is all I have ever known.  The convenience of this kind of fast paced lifestyle is really nothing to complain about.

However, a recent trip for a loved one’s wedding to my hometown Portland, Oregon made me realize how closed my eyes used to be, to all of the world’s beauty.  And how much I took for granted. The smell of rain coming.  The green tall trees.  The feel of wet moss on my bare toes.  I giggled at the thought, how childish I felt enjoying the unique nature of the land.  Sitting in the back yard of family members that I knew my whole life, I had memories of good pizza and conversation- but I never saw the cherry tree in the back, or the apple and plum tree.  That used to be insignificant. Coming home from the community garden the other night I was off in la la land of an orchard and garden, filled with all the fresh food anyone could want.  Pulling up to our parking lot I yell, “Stop! Oh my goodness” to my poor alerted husband.  I was a little embarrassed that all the commotion was just about a neighbor’s pear tree I had never seen before.  I was delightfully surprised to find the owner outside, who was open to the idea of trading produce.  These kind of things in life excite me.

I always thought God was off in the distance.  Created the world and drifted off to watch us all mess up. But when I observe those peeking orange carrots, something changes in me. A light turns on.  And then I can be still. Knowing that He is good. To honor God in giving life.

This world, fallen.ugly.abused. whatever you want to call it, I call it good. And beautiful.  And capable of so much than I have given credit for.  To be thankful that there is a world, an invisible world that I have been too distracted, sleepy, or blind to see.

When I gather the baskets of food we grow two blocks away, I am overcome with the wonder of the give and take relationships the world can offer.  How delicious a real tomato tastes, without altercations or distance traveled.  A raw real tomato.

Life used to be about chewing gum and shopping sprees.  Endless hours watching MTV and dreaming of the family I would one day have.  As “dork” as this may sound.  I step aside, and I am blown away from all the beauty around me.  What a difference just a day can bring to the garden.  Or even a week.  I dream of all the bees, butterflies, ladybugs and unseen insects that have helped bring about the fruit coming to harvest.   Sometimes as a mother, the simple duties of washing dishes, kissing boo boo’s, being referee can seem meaningless.  But the little things do matter.  This growing time, I will look back on and be proud of all the love that happens behind the scenes.


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