There is no place like home

The airplane drifted over the memory of the life that I was once knew.  A woman who belly danced like a pro.  Loved outrageously.  Mother to five babies, and one that never experienced this world.  Looking down on the city, that looked like a doll house from up above- yet compacted with a never stopping … Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping

I seriously don’t know what happened to me in science class.  Typically I was more interested in the boy sitting next to me.  Or the movie weekend planned with a friend.  Science was a bore …why was I so disinterested in learning about the basic processes of life?  Louie Schwartzberg is a filmmaker genius who has … Continue reading

Lifting the food veil

Michelle Obama believes every family should have access to healthy and fresh food.  According to government estimates, 23.5 million Americans do not have access to fresh foods. Interview with the First Lady on Everyday Health: “I’ve seen this firsthand with my own girls and with local students who help us out in the White House … Continue reading