Trading fashion trends for vegetable plots: Season 2 at the Andres Community Garden

I used to follow all the fashion trends.  Chasing the best deals for high heels stilettos pumps.  Flipping through every new release of Cosmopolitan.  Frantically rummaging through the racks for the best  sale, actually just following the crowd of what was considered “hot”. I dreamed of white picket fences, an out of this world cookie cutter suburban … Continue reading

Addiction to Processed Foods

Last night I binged on collard greens.  The night before was raw almonds… How often do you hear people craving whole foods? (and yes, I know there are whole food junkies out there- I appreciate you).  Sadly, I can say this is not the case for me.  I just can’t resist donuts, chocolate, Ruffles Barbecue … Continue reading